Centro-Wod is a leading water and drainage products wholesaler on the Polish market, with branches in Jasło and Gorlice, providing its customers with a wide selection of water and sewer products from top manufacturers such as Ka-Czmarek (factory warehouse), Jafar, Gamrat, Wavin, Trans-Quadro, Funke, Zinplast, Orzechowscy, Elplast, Pipe Life, Hawle, Bohamet, Akwedukt, Elster, Mirometr, Purator and many more

Our range of products includes PVC, PP, PVC-U and PE sewer pipes, PVC "Karolina" gutters, guttering systems, fittings, sumps and plastic sewer chambers, PVC drainage pipes (flexible corrugated conduits), PEHD / PP drainage pipes, water mains and sewer fittings, galvanised preforms for water systems as well as tanks, separators, residential dewatering systems, linear dewatering systems, channel drains, building perimeter dewatering systems and home sewage treatment plants. Furthermore we also supply a wide range of products within the scope of cast iron fixtures and fittings such as road manhole covers, valves., water meters, gate valves, repair sleeves, self piercing saddle valves and hydrants.

Apart from the domestic market we also export our products. We work with wholesale customers across the European Union (including UK) and countries from the eastern bloc. Our foreign clients are always serviced by English speaking, friendly and qualified team.

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