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Experience, well coordinated and qualified staff and a wide range of quality products are the characteristics which make us stand out on the water-sewer products market.

We have been active on the market since 1991 when PPHU CENTRO-WOD began its operations from Jasło. Seeking to live up to the requirements of our customers, just a few years down the line we opened a branch in Gorlice, and a KA-CZMAREK factory warehouse- the leading PVC and PE pipe and preform manufacturer. This ensures that our customers have access to a full range of products offered by that company.

In order to provide our customers with a selection of water and sewer industry products we have also struck relationships with many leading manufacturers of water pipes and sewer systems based on cast iron, steel and plastics such as Gamrat, Jafar, Hawle, Orzechowscy, Bohamet and Pipe Life.

Our products are aimed at both the domestic and export markets. The qualified staff speaks English and every foreign customer, apart from competitive prices, will also be greeted by professional service conduced in a family like atmosphere.

We wish to emphasise, that the Gorlice branch operates hand in hand with the contractor company „Zakład Wodno-Melioracyjny” which belongs to Barbara Budzioch, boasting vast experience on the water and sewer contracting market. This means that our customers can count on top quality professional advice.  

Across the 20 years or so of our efforts, thousand of satisfied customers have put their trust in us, and it is for them that we strive to continually develop and reach new heights.


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