Above ground drainage - PP-HT pipes & fittings

PP-HT preforms and pipes


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PP - HT waste piping system pipes (polypropylene) in grey and white are used in residential buildings, public use buildings, industry and agriculture. The system comprises pipes and fittings available in 32, 50, 75 and 110 mm diameters.

The basic system advantages include:

  • resistance to sewage even at a high, persistent temperature up to 95°C (short term up to 100°C )
  • chemical resistance to various aggressive compounds and substances in sewage both industrial and sanitary
  • resistance to abrasion and excellent hydraulic properties
  • tight connections ensured by factory fitted double gaskets with a compression ring
  • light pipes and preforms facilitating ease of transport and speedy assembly

  • INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AVAILABLE - for more details contact sales representative


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