Cast iron fixtures and fittings - Gate valves, pipe tapping devices, hydrants

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Jafar gate valves, pipe tapping devices and hydrants are made using grey cast iron (PN 10) and ductile cast iron (PN 16). Protected against corrosion using epoxy paint and gaskets made using EPDM and NBR. These are top quality fixtures and fittings used predominantly in water pipelines, fire water pipes and sanitary systems in the most demanding conditions.

Soft edge and knife gate valves used in water, sanitary and industrial sewage systems to transport potable water and chemically inert liquids available in DN 25 -600 mm (soft edge gate valves) and DN 63 -1000 mm (for knife gate valves). Working temperature range up to 120° C. 

Pipe connector setsfor connecting to PE and PVC pipelines without the need to cut off the water supply available in DN 63-400 mm.

Fire hydrants underground and overground with double protection available in DN 80 and DN 100 diameters and a wide range of heights RD 750-1800mm.

We also provide a wide range of accessories and water mains devices.

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