Drainage & dewatering - Heavy channel drains (concrete)

Heavy linear dewatering - concrete


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Bielbet linear heavy channel drains are used for fast conveyance of water from various types of terrain such as pavements, car parks, roads, industrial areas, recreational areas, garage entrances and drives.

The system includes:

  • concrete linear dewatering
  • yard sumps
  • covers

Yard sumps (discharge) areused to convey water from linear discharge channels and equipped with sedimentation traps for filtering contaminants.

Covers (grates) for linear dewatering channels and sumps are selected depending on the designated use of linear dewatering systems.

Grates are available in three load classes:

  • class A15 cover - grate made using galvanised metal,
  • class B 125, C 250, D 400 cover - grate made using grey cast iron
  • class E 600 cover - grate made using ductile cast iron 

  • INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AVAILABLE - for more details contact sales representative 


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