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PE - HD / PP drainage pipes


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PE - HD and PP drainage pipes(polypropylene or polyethylene) part of Kaczmarek K2-Dren system are used where large static loads occur stemming from soil weight or dynamic loads on account of moving vehicles.

These are pipes with profiled double walls with the exterior side corrugated and a smooth interior. Holes are made in the wave troughs through which water seeps into the pipe. The holes are made across the entire surface of the pipe or only in some part.

The novel walls structure technology and the materials used mean the pipes are highly durable and resistant to chemicals. They may be used for dewatering roads, motorways, trackbeds, industrial areas, sports fields, communal and industrial landfill sites. 

Manufactured in 6 m sections and diameters between 110 mm and 600 mm. They have flared connections or use preforms and can be sued as drainage and sewer sumps. 

  • INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AVAILABLE - for more details contact sales representative 


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