Drainage and dewatering - PVC drainage pipes

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The main element of Kaczmarek drainage system are drainage pipes (flexible corrugated conduits) and control shaftsmade from PVC-U (polyvinyl chloride - coll. PVC).
The pipes are yellow, perforated along the entire length and available in 50, 80, 100, 125 and 160 mm diameters. PVC drainage is a modern solution used for:

  • plots designated for construction or residential buildings
  • dewatering agricultural, sports and recreational areas,
  • farmland drainage
  • linear ditch dewatering (e.g. sewers, water mains)
  • building perimeter drainage

For clay and fine soils drainage pipes with a coconut fibre or non-woven geotextile filter may be used. For other soil types pipes without additional filters are used.

Drainage preforms such as elbows, connectors, tees, reducers and muffles are used for connecting drainage pipes.

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