Underground drainage - K2-Kan (double wall) pipes & fittings

K2-Kan structural pipes and preforms


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K2-Kan polypropylene (PP) sewer and drainage pipes and fittings with a double wall (smooth on the inside and corrugated on the outside) is a modern sanitary, stormater, drainage, general and industrial sewer system. High mechanical and chemical resistance goes hand in hand with the lightweight elements (the pipes are 2-3 fold lighter than smooth walled solid side pipes).

The K2-Kan system includes 2, 3 and 6 meter pipes with diameters from 160 to 1000mm and a full range of fittings  i.e. elbows, tees, reducers, connectors and conversion connecting pieces to be used with smooth walled PVC-U pipes.

The pipes include factory fitted elastomer gaskets at the bare ends.

  • INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AVAILABLE - for more details contact sales representative


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