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PE inspection chambers (polyethylene) by Elplast are available in DN 600, 800 and 1000 mm diameters and are used for internal and external sanitary and strormwater gravitational or pressurised sewers as well as drainage and watermains systems.

The range of products includes inspection and expansion chambers, catch basins with a sump, drain inlets and tanks for sewage pumping stations.  They are made as monoliths or assembled from elements using gaskets. 

Polyethylene inspection chambers are lightweight, easy and quick to install, mechanically durable and highly resistant to chemical corrosion as well as 100% tight. Specially ribbed elements are more rigid and prevent uplift in loose soils and where the water table is high. May be used in farmlands as well as roads, streets and car parks.

  • INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AVAILABLE - for more details contact sales representative


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