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PP and PVC DIAMIR sewer chambers (polyvinyl chloride, col. PVC and polyethylene) are used for the construction of sanitary, stormwater and industrial sewer systems as well as drainage. They are highly resistant to water table uplift due to chamber elements being ribbed, are lightweight, easy and quick to install. They also ensure complete tightness against water infiltration and sewage exfiltration.

Our range of products includes 5 chamber systems in different diameters (the number after the name indicates the diameter of riser shaft or chamber made from
modular rings):

Diamir 315, Diamir 400, Diamir 425, Diamir 600, Diamir 1000.

The riser shafts (chambers) for every system may either be smooth walled or ribbed.

Every inspection chamber comprises an invert, riser shaft and crowning. Depending
on the crowning used the following elements may be mounted in the riser shaft:

  • telescopic section with a cast iron manhole hatch
  • concrete dome with a cover
  • telescopic adapter with a cast iron manhole hatch
  • concrete counterweight ring with a cast iron manhole hatch
  • PP cover

Based on each one of the five Diamir inspection chamber systems, it is possible to make a catch basin with a sump which can be used for storm drains or as a drainage inspection chamber.

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