Road cast iron - Road manholes and drains

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Road manholes and drainsmade are by Orzechowscy using grey or ductile cast iron. They are used as covers for manhole and openings in sewers, septic tanks and other tanks where access to the interior is required.      

They are made in five load resistance classes:

  • class A 15 - 15 kN load, used in green areas and surfaces used by pedestrians and cyclists
  • class B 125 - 125 kN load, used on pedestrian walkways and car parks for PLGs
  • class C 250 - 250 kN load, applicable only drain hole openings located by the curb in line with the curb, no more than 0.5m into the roadway and 0.2m into the pedestrian walkway
  • class D 400 - 400 kN load, sued on road surfaces, metalled hard shoulders and car parks for all types of road vehicles
  • class E 600 - 600 kN load, used for areas subject to large p[ressures from wheels, e.g. ramps, runways

  • INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AVAILABLE - for more details contact sales representative


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