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MDPE/HDPE pressurised pipes (polyethylene) by Kaczmarek mainly used for:

  • construction of gas and water mains
  • pressurised and non-pressurised pipe systems
  • transport of liquid process media
  • as shield pipes

Manufactured in two classes (blue and black) for pressures between 0.6 to 1.6 MPa (with blue stripes).

The MDPE/HDPE system:

  • excellent mechanical durability,
  • resistance to dynamic and static loading,
  • resistance to changes in the water table,
  • frost resistant,
  • resistant to many chemical substances,
  • lightweight and ease of assembly.

Depending on the diameter pipe sections are connected by the following methods:

  • butt heat sealing,
  • electrical resistivity sealing,
  • using mechanical connections / pressure or flange connectors/

TYTAN PE/PE polyethylene reinforced pipes, double walled for pressurised water, sewage and
industrial pressurised systems using narrow ditch and ditchless methods and laying without a bedding layer and sand backfill as well as guide and sleeve pipes.  

The internal and external walls are made from polyethylene with increased resistance to propagation of cracks and soil pressure. For water pipes, the internal surface is black and external blue
with longitudinal white stripes.

These pipes may be butt welded, electrical resistivity sealed or connected mechanically.

Section preforms, i.e. arches, tees, reducers, flange sleeves are made on site using butt welding from PR pipe sections. Injection moulding is also used to manufacture preforms /short/.

For fast PE pipe connections, particularly used for water mains connections of smaller diameters, PE and cast iron pressure rings are used.

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