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For 15 years valves and filters by Acro from Spain have been associated in Poland with quality craftsmanship and reliable operation. The company is a world leader in the manufacturing of cut off fixtures and fittings: water and gas ball valves, check valves, radiator valves and others.

Our offer includes inter alia:

Mushroom and ball valves used for opening and closing the water stream in hydraulic systems for domestic and industrial use. They may be made with a release and pressure release valves.

Check valves protect against accidental water backflow from the system. They can be made available with a strainer basket applicable in ground wells.

BA and EA backflow preventer valves protect water mains against secondary contamination of potable water, most commonly used with water meters.

Skewed mesh filters stop mechanical and solid water contamination so that it does not seep into the system.

String,carbon and resin filters are the elements for water treatment used in private construction. They stop water borne particles and some chemical impurities.  

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